26 October 2009

Personal Style

I recieved the image below in my email this morning. I am subscribed to the Anthropologie mailing list, and it is my favorite store, ever! I can literally spend hours in there. Sadly most of the items are outside my price range, but there is always the sale room ;-).

Anyway, this image pretty much sums up my daily look to a tee. It is literally something I could pull together from my own closet, and do, regularly. Perhaps it was all those years in private school, but I am a daily uniform sort of person. My go-to outfit usually consists of dark rinse jeans, a tank top or fitted T-shirt, flats, a signature necklace, and a cardigan or blazer. The colors and textures change, but those key pieces seem fairly consistent.

The model's hair is extremely cute too. I have worn my hair in that style off and on throughout my life, and sort of consider it my go-to style. Right now, I'm growing it out, in one last flirtation with long hair before I am too old to pull it off anymore (and that day is swiftly approaching, I assure you ;-)).

Anyway, I thought I would share. If you ever meet me on the street, I'll probably be wearing some variation of this outfit ;-).


Lily La Sorciere October 26, 2009 at 10:36 PM  

Very sophisticated! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthropologie, too, even though I can't afford anything there. ;) I get ideas from their merchandise. I would keep your hair long - I don't think long hair EVER passes age boundries. My mom is two decades older than you and her hair is as long as mine. It looks fantastic. :)

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